I went to her apartment even though she was dead, and she was there, sitting at a table in a red suit she had worn at my wedding. I was so happy to see her. We had coffee, I asked if she liked where she had gone and she said,

"It's OK I guess..." like she had just been to a passable, but so-so restaurant.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked, concerned.

"Everyone is naked, without shoes," she said in a rather irritated tone.

My mother worked in small, classy little women's shops in her later life, so this part of the dream made sense.

Then she said, "We better get out of here or the landlord will think a ghost is robbing my apartment!" and we chuckled and left. I took her to see my brother, who was so shocked to see her, but he held her for a long time [he's not a hugger in real life] then he drove off with her and I went to an art show. But all through the dream as I was living my own life, I would remember, "My mom is alive, I have to go find her!"

And she'd appear. She was busy and it seemed she was trying to do a lot of things as if she only had one day to do them all.

I awoke and was glad to have had her in the dream, and we spoke and laughed in it. But it sort of haunts me that she seemed unenthusiastic about where she was. The dream is like the reverse of reality now.