Sewn Comforts

My mother, when she was about 8, right before her own mother died of sudden appendicitis, helped her mother make quilt squares. For years those squares sat in a box, and about 15 years ago, one of my mother's friends insisted she take the squares and make it into the quilt it was supposed to be. My mother was not enthusiastic about this, but finally agreed. Personally, I think the memory of that time was still traumatic for her. So I now have the quilt that was made-and I plan on having it remade with linen on the back instead of the synthetic chosen at the time by the friend.

And I have some extra squares that I brought home after my mother died. I've been wanting to take all the beautiful linen napkins I brought home too, and do something with them. I am not someone who irons! So these beautiful linens can be better seen in a fabric piece. I plan to add embroidery in my own raggedy way. And then just hang these over wicker or chairs.

I remember these napkins so well. My parents had wonderful taste in things, and we ate so many family meals with these.

I brought as many of my mother's wool and cashmere scarves home with me, along with blankets, clothes - any thing that made me feel her and smell her. Besides incorporating them into dolls and puppets, I will be felting much of it and making a Raggedy Mother Blanket - to engulf me on winter nights, or times when I just need to feel safe under the warmth of her - like a hatchling under the hen.

One of the sweaters I brought back is the one she is wearing here. I don't know what I will do with it - while she was a stickler for wearing wool or cashmere, this sweater is partially synthetic so won't felt. It was her everyday no-fuss sweater so she wore it a lot. Perhaps it will just stay a sweater.

Stay tuned. I will share the process.