When we were little, we had to get up really early, around 6am to go to school. It was Minnesota and the winters were so cold and dark. I hated getting up, and each morning - even though I loved school - I would feel sickly in my stomach when I knew I had to get out of my bed.

And each morning, my mom would come in and say,

"Time to rise and shine!" all happy and cheery.

She did this for years, and at some point we would joke how it would drive us mad. But these past three mornings, I haven't been able to get out of bed. But each morning, it has been cloudy, and as I lie there with my eyes closed thinking "I need to get up, I must get up", I feel the sun come out so bright and even with my eyes closed the brightness is pouring into my closed eyes.

I think it is her, she has other things to do now but maybe she is helping out for a few days just to get me back on my feet, out of bed and into my life here at Apifera.