Driving home from a ride with Boone, on open country roads that I love so much - I realized I'm almost sleep driving - I call this floating and it is something I've done since I was very little. I went to a healer once in my forties, wanting to understand it. Of course it's a special place I can get to, almost like trancing, impossible to describe - except this healer understood. But she said something very wise to me -

"You would do that as a child to leave your body, to float off and be in your own safe place, or place you perceived as safe. You continued to do it at will - but use it wisely. You are here now to live as a human. You are a spirit in a human body and you should live on this realm while you can - and if you do float, do something good with it."

I don't know what I do now when I float - I'm more grounded now, which was another goal of the healing. I work with the land which is tactile and grounding for me. I think floating right now helps me feel like...I'm okay, even though there is a sadness about my floating. It's so quiet.