Martyn shared a beautiful moment with me last night. I had called him at 4pm to tell him my mom died. He was at one of his job sites by the river. The second he got off the phone with me, dark sky blew in really fast, and a very strong gust of wind blew down onto him where he stood in. He said it was really strong and he kind of had to reposition himself to stand. And it came fast, and then went upward towards the area where he had to walk back to. As he walked that way, the wind sort of followed him, then went farther on up into the woods, and then the sun came out immediately and there was blue sky. He was sure it was my parents saying 'we'll be seeing you, goodbye.'

Martyn is not an emotional person, nor does he talk about signs and messages and things as I do, but he really was choked up about this encounter. It was very spooky as he told it, but cool too. My parents loved him and were so happy I found him.