Upon arriving at her place, I can't even describe the horrible dread and anxiety I had as I got out of the car. It was lessened for a few minutes when someone - "Not me", said the pig - realized they forgot to pack the one and only suitcase.

The first night was one of the saddest and most traumatic nights I've ever had. But the next day I sprung into action, asking everyone to leave me alone all day in the house. I got everything organized and lost 3# by day's end.

I could here my mom matter of factly saying, "Just get it done".

So my time there is finished. I stuffed the mini full to the brim with her sweaters and items I can use to make blankets and dolls. I brought home some ashes too.

I feel I've turned a corner. Almost a month has gone by - the grief is now just a quiet sack of sadness now, that I will carry for some time, hidden, as I continue to walk this realm and enjoy my life without one of my best friends.